Grayson: your stinky best friend

There's no way to be kind about it. Meadow Creek's Grayson stinks. Even when it is in the washed rind cave at Murray's, which has a powerful locker room aroma, you can smell it distinctly, out-stinking its stinky cheese friends.

I read recently (on Wikipedia, so bear with me) that b linens, the bacteria responsible for aging washed rind cheeses, are similar to the bacteria responsible for body odor.

It may just be a dirty rumor, but whatever the case, when you move past the whiffiness of Grayson's exterior, what lies beneath the rind is a fluffy, buttery unctuous mass of goodness. In summer months, the interior of the Grayson is bright yellow, showing off that grass fed milk that makes it so tasty.

Grayson is like your smart, guitar-playing friend who is always welcome at a party, even if he might do well to change his T-shirt. Grassy, earthy, a little barnyardy, Grayson is in my top ten list of American greats. Go Virginia! Grayson makes me proud to be an American.